Why do People Click on Ads?

Hello Everyone, I was just wondering why do People Click on Ads? Yes, I am talking about Google Adsense and other types of Ads on different websites that pay when get clicked. Most of us already know that displaying ads on any websites or blog helps webmaster earn money, we also know the importance of these ads but then who click on those ads and why?

I am a Google Adsense publisher and had been approved by Google Adsense, Media.net (Yahoo Publishers), Infolinks and Chitika for displaying ads. I display some of these ads and make money. I also know some of publishers who are earning huge money by displaying ads that pay when clicked. Huge money means huge number of clicks on ads. For example $100 a day means 200-1000 clicks/day and 6,000-30,000 clicks a month. 6K or 30K clicks aren’t a small thing but again then why do this much people click on ads?

Earlier I used to think that people (website visitors) aren’t able to recognize ads as ads and therefore they accidentally click on them but is that really true? So, I did a little research and thought about it to make some conclusion!

Click On Ads

Click On Ads

People Clicks on Ads because they don’t know about them?

I always thought that people click on ads because they don’t really know what they are. Webmasters also places ads just in front of visitors so that none of them can ignore them. But when I really placed ads (banner, media and text) on my blog at different possible places I notice the CTR (click trough rate) to be around 3% (according to unique visits/visitor), that means only 3 people out of 100 were clicking on ads and this proves that rest of visitors was ignoring ads because majority of them knows that they are just ads. Conclusion is that most visitors are experienced Internet users and they do not click accidentally and can easily identify them as ads. So I thought about other possibilities for why do people really click on ads!

People Click Ads to make Webmaster Earn few Bucks?

We are bloggers and sometimes we also write and share knowledge about monetizing and earning from our blog. Many bloggers who visit our blog understand that how low CTR/Clicks we get and earning money online is not really easy (as told or assumed). So, whenever tech enthusiast people or people who can easily identify ads in a blog or website, intentionally click on ads when they like content on webmaster site, just to reward their readers.

I can’t prove this point but other bloggers also believe this and I have also faced a few people who tell that they intentionally click on ads to reward bloggers. Though I strongly NOT recommend this as there are many ad networks e.g. adsense can easily detect invalid click on blogs that may harm your best blogger.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense

People Get Attracted to Ads and so they make Click?

This is the least strong point that I am gonna make. You all know what ads are and we all are aware why these ads are there, so why does anyone will ever click on those ads? I laughed first, when I try to think on possibility that clicks are made just because people are attracted to them and I say NO! But YES most clicks are made because people are attracted to them someway.

You all can recognize ads but even though sometimes you make clicks, at least one after viewing 10K ads (don’t say that you never clicked any ad, please admit). We all click ads because we find it to interesting and attractive. Advertisers and logo banner ad designers also want us to click them. These advertisers and graphic designers make attractive banner and create tempting text ads, they announce promotional offers, provide coupons and give freebies, fortunately they all works and advertiser (product or service seller makes money) gets good ROI (return on investment) and do more promotion and advertising.

Conclusion – Why do People Really Click Ads?

Before I give you my conclusion I want you to speak your mind and tell me your view on this. I am leaving a Poll for you below…

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Even though I didn’t did deep research but made few assumptions I can’t tell the stats or categorize these clickers into percentage but I would surely love to make a guess.

Even If someone doesn’t know that he clicked on an ad but he clicked ad because he feel it to be interesting. So, I guess we can conclude most of visitors click ad because they are interested.

These assumptions also vary site to site as people on chatting, dating, shopping, gallery etc sites are less aware of ads. Some sites (even advertisers) makes the ads look like a part of content or attempt to make them not look like add to get more conversion so in that case people click on them without knowing what they are doing/click. Anyway, that’s another issue what practices webmaster follows but I would like to know what do think why do you click on ads?