Review: Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800 + Keyboard + Mouse

Microsoft after completing its 30 years, now also making Hardware’s Products. They manufacture Hardware’s like Keyboards, Mouse, Printers etc. Today we are going to review its Product which is Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800.

What are Wireless Devices?

Wireless in the sense which is wire free, which can be used without coming in contact with any of the wires or something like this shown in the images which are PS/2 Wired Connector with which you all may be familiar. With wireless we can get things done which are impossible or impossible with the use of wires.

Wireless devices works with batteries, are wire free and work in a limited range.

microsoft wireless 800

Microsoft Wireless Keyboard Review:

As you all can see the Keyboard in the above given Image. The size of the keyboard is Compaq and weights 200 Grams. The Keyboard system is QWERTY, the Hotkeys available are Calculator, Play/Pause, Mute, Volume up and down with which we can quickly access   as shown in the image below.

The Keyboard set runs on two AAA cells and gives Battery life of 6 Months Keyboard, which is quiet good. It’s also a Split resistance Keyboard.

Microsoft Wireless Mouse Review:

Now comes the Mouse the mouse of Wireless desktop 800,800,1000 are same in model and comes with Microsoft Optical technology 1000dpi that gives Very High responsive cursor control with snap in Receiver with a battery life indicator.

This mouse is light in weight and uses Two AAA batteries which also have a power button which help in saving battery life as shown in image. This works great with One AAA battery also.


The receiver works great it gives coverage of 30 Meters. Which Works with secure connection it worked based on Microsoft 20.4Ghz wireless Technology.

Microsoft Hardware Available In Market

These Products (Microsoft Desktop 800, wireless Keyboard and Mouse) are Available in Market and it may Cost you approximately Rs. 1500-1700 ($ 30-35). You all can buy this Product at almost all Online Shops: FlipKart, HomeShop 18, Amazon, naptool, etc.

Overall Downside of Microsoft Wireless Hardware 

  • Keyboard doesn’t have the power Button so we can save Battery life.
  • The material from which the Keyboard body is made is not so hard.
  • Less functional keys.
  • Mouse doesn’t work on Mouse Pad.
  • Keyboard may run out of Battery sooner than Mouse
  • Lack of power button in Keyboard.
  • Lack of Number Lock, Caps Lock, Scroll Lock Lights on Keyboard.

Microsoft Wireless Hardware – Overall Upside

  • Both Keyboard and mouse are light weighted.
  • Keys of Keyboard are Bit softer than others.
  • The letters on the letter of keys of keyboards are Printed no sticker or something as sticker get removed after some time.
  • Works in BIOS menu as some wireless Keyboard Don’t work.
  • Receiver range is Up-to 30 meters.
  • Receiver doesn’t mix with the Bluetooth or other wireless radio waves.
  • No software’s or drivers needed, just plug and play.
  • Mouse works great even on a pillow.
  • Also works with Android 4.0 Tablets.
  • Snap in space for Receiver below the mouse no worry of loosing it somewhere.
  • Battery Level Indicator both on mouse and on Keyboard.

I hope this article will help you to choose right device for you as I had personally used all these wireless devices and I will continue to do so.