How to Remove Big Arrows from Google Adsense Ads? (Nessie Update)

Google want all publishers to earn more and more with their adsense publisher program and for that they always come up with some suggestions and do experiments with Google adsense ads. Recently Google started displaying big arrows in adsense ads, which are actually called nessie, contradictory to what adsense says i.e. not to display any type of arrows with adsense to attract more clicks. Anyway, I didn’t like those big arrows on my website and therefore I stopped displaying them. Here I am going to show you how to remove these big arrows from your google adsense text ads.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense

Google Adsense says that these big arrows will increases the total number of clicks on your site but it didn’t work for me as expected and I noticed that removing these big arrows from adsense ads slightly increases the CTR (click through rate) by getting more clicks to adsense text ads. More clicks simple means more earning.

Steps to Remove Big Arrows from Adsense

These steps are fairly easy and are provided by adsense itself therefore you don’t need to worry whether they violets the adsense T&C or not! So feel free to test and increase you adsense revenue.

Get in to your adsense dashboard and simply follow the steps shown in image (i.e. dashboard > Allow and Block Ads > Adsense Serving > Enhanced text Ads option > OFF).

Remove google AdSense Arrow


These big arrows on my adsense ads were making my site look little messy so I decided to get rid of them and it was really easy task to stop them. As mentioned earlier, removing them increased the number of clicks and ultimately increased adsense earnings so you can also try removing them and if CTR goes down you can fix them back. Also, do not forget to block MFA sites to increase adsense revenue.

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    I have question about this, is it safe to remove the arrows? some people says it’s violation TOS

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