Guialis: The Directory of Business Services and Professionals in India

Guialis is an online directory of businesses and professional services in India and some other countries like Brazil and Mexico. Guialis have more than 2,400,000 registered businesses in India, which is seen by 500,000+ potential clients (users who visit Guialis website looking for services and professionals every month).

As a Business person or a professional you can promote yourself or your business on Guialis for free of charge, through a simple registration process (steps shown in this post later). You can also add all business related information that you consider relevant & important to your business and can list them at Guialis.

From a user perspective, I am able to search Guialis for all professional services and business in my city and local area for Restaurants, Hotels, Home Services-Product, Garage and even Computer Classes & Ethical Hacking courses (Education), from all my devices (computer, mobile and tablet) with comfort.



How to List Your Business on Guialis India?

The best part about Guialis is that it’s Free to both Advertisers (Business Person & Organization) and Users (Your Potential Clients). Now, to register your business or services, visit and get a free registered user account at Guialis.

guialis registration

After registration, visit the link to add your business:
guialis listing business

And add a little more details:

adding business guialis india

Then finally review it and click register. That’s easy and took me a few minutes.

About Guialis Website: As already mentioned Guialis had 2.4+ million businesses already registered, so you can find any service or professional there. Most Indian cities and business are included and reference can be found on homepage itself.

When you’ll have an account at Guialis, you can find more options under “Account” tab. As an account holder with Guialis you can views all the comment you have made on the website and if you have listed your business or services then you can edit them anytime, same applies to your profile and account details.  

All users looking for business and professionals can make comment on services and can review-rate them too. On the other hand, business people can get feedbacks and suggestion to improve their services and user experience.

List of some services that you can find at Guialis includes Agriculture, Fertilizers, Food, Meat, fruit, Animals, Veterinary, pets, Consultancy, Consultants, Perfumery, Footwear, Computer, Construction Works, construction, Decoration, Sports, Electricity, Electronics, Financial, , Farms, Home Appliances, kitchens, Hotel, Motel, lodgings, Printing, Engineering, Internet, Gardening – Flowers, plants, Jewelry, Imitation, Jewelry, watches, Maintenance, Garage, technical service, Commodities, Medical, Orthopedics, nutritionists, Fashion, boutique, Furniture, Music, Industrial Products, Chemicals, Painting, plastic, Professionals, Plumbing, architects, Restaurants, Safety, Insurance, Funeral, Industrial Services, Welding, recycled, Business Services, Export, offices Supplies, Telecommunications, Shops Groceries, stationery, Transport, Travel, Tourism, excursions and a lot MORE.

User Comfort: Recently Guialis made an update and added an important new feature to their website theme i.e. responsive design, that can adapt its structure and information to the user environment making a correct view on any mobile device (or other devices).