How Google Adsense Detects Invalid and Fraud Clicks Activity?

Google have smart systems, robust algorithm and adsense data of more than a decade, moreover no problem of finance and shortage of any resource. But new bloggers who recently got approved for adsense try to make money by clicking their own ads and try to trick google with their old school tricks. But as known to you Google is mighty and smart therefore these bloggers soon gets caught and are banned and then they realize the importance of adsense account! All earnings of those over smart blogger get forfeited and refunds are made to advertisers (completed long story in short).

Google Adsense

Google Adsense

Nothing is Perfect and still there are few exceptions, there are some smart publishers who understand adsense systems very well and trick Google Adsense. If you think there is no one who can trick adsense then you are wrong. Don’t forget about MFA sites who also trick adsense but that another case. Anyway, in this article I am trying to sum up all the ways that Google Adsense use to detect Invalid click activity (according to me) and will also be talking about how they are being bypassed?

Google Adsense Officially Says

“Our specialists carefully monitor clicks and impressions on Google ads in order to protect your interests as well as those of our advertisers. To do this, we use both automated systems and human reviews, analyzing all ad clicks and impressions for any invalid click activity that may artificially drive up an advertiser’s costs or a publisher’s earnings.” Read more?

Actually google wants to say that they have all technology and resources to detect invalid and fraud click activity whether they are done by human or computer bots. They have software as well team of specialist (human) that work for them.

You activity with Google

If you do not know what Internet or any website know about you the you aren’t aware of your privacy and security in digital word. Anyway, Google knows everything about you and knows what you are doing. If you have a gmail and you browse web via google then I want to tell you that all history and other activity is saved with that gmail, look your activity and search history at

Google knows what you are searching for and what you can search and according to these they show interest based adsense ad to you (that’s a different thing). So when google knows what you are doing and can guess what you’ll do then I want to tell you that it can also count the number of clicks you make on respective adsense account and sites and with what frequency, so this is how they can detect invalid and fraud clicks.

Publishers Adsense Account Stats

Google Adsense keeps an eye on publishers account and their stats. For last 10 years they are seeing million publishers and know what the stat should be for any particular publisher for any website of any theme or niche. Google have lots of data for everything and if they notice sudden increase in CTR or Earnings then you are fagged by their system.

At certain places with certain type of ads, all webmasters gets expected click and earnings, According to the data that google adsense collected for decades they can easily understand and filter invalid and fraud click.

If you are getting 30 clicks for each 100 views (CTR = 30%) then something is really wrong and google will hopefully detect these clicks as fraud or invalid.

How Invalid Click Detection System is being bypassed?

As mentioned above there are some smart guys who have understanding of how system works and detects fraud click so they uses their knowledge in unethical manner and try to bypass this detection system, some of them might success but in long term they are in loss.

Conclusion – How to Bypass?

Google Knows why do people click on ads and can surely detect invalid clicks but it ignores and tolerate these invalid clicks assuming to be accidental click or exceptional click and you shouldn’t take advantage of this favor, many webmasters are being banned from adsense and now they are trying hard to get approved for adsense.

Wasting your time in building website, creating content, applying for adsense and clicking you ads 1000 times to get paid $100-$200 per month is not a good idea! Better do a real job and earn ethical and decent money or consider learning how to create a website that get popular and earn you thousands.