[Giveaway] Free PC, iPhone and iPad Accessories from HandGiftBox.com

Hello Readers, I am back with another exciting MEGA giveaway contest. This giveaway is sponsored by handgiftbox.com and originally hosted by himanshunegi.xyz. You could win exciting PC, iPhone or iPad accessories for free. Read the article to know more about handgiftbox.com, giveaway product and ways to win these awesome tech products.

About HandGiftBox.com

HandGiftBox.com is a professional and reliable online shopping center providing a variety of hot selling products at reasonable prices and shipping them globally with no or very low shipping charges. You can find wide range of Mobile phones/tablets and their accessories, Electronics, Arts & Crafts, Apparel, Jewelry and much more.

The main objectives of company are Reasonable Price, High Quality Service and Fast Transportation.

About the Giveaway Products

Handgiftbox.com is giving away PC, iPhone and iPad accessories to 13 lucky winners (that’s really great). There are total 13 products that you could win, without spending a dime or making much effort. Just to let you know, I had already got all these products (as incentive for reviewing them) and I’m using them. Here is the quick detail and review of these giveaway products.

So, are ready to win your Christmas and New Year Presents?

Digital Camera Style 8GB Flash Drive

The first product is an 8GB Flash Drive that looks like a Digital camera. Like all other exciting handgiftbox.com product this is awesome. The best thing about this flash drive is that it wouldn’t easily get broke or damaged (like other flash drives) as it is completely covered with rubber molding. Check out this Digital Camera Style 8GB Flash Drive.

Digital camera USB 8GB

Smile Face 4 Port USB Hub

A must have product for geeks. This is simple but awesome 4 ports USB Hub. You just need to plug it into a USB port and it will automatically start working (plug-n-play) on your windows system or mac system with 480 Mbps data transfer speed.

If you are like me who prefer USB devices more than P2S or other option then you are surely going to like this USB hub a lot. A Hub is simply better than a single USB extension as it supports more USB devices than just a single USB extension. Look at the image, this Smile Face USB Hub really look awesome.


Wireless Transmission Distance Mouse

Do you hate messed wires of your desktop computers? Isn’t your optical mouse cable a little short or limit you to work properly? Here is the solution, a distance wireless mouse that works smoothly without wires and can be used to operate computer from anywhere in your room. This mouse works with battery and needs very low power to work. Check out this Wireless Transmission Distance Mouse.

Wireless mouse


Note: The mouse is completely black in color. The white patches are just reflection of other things on its surface. Imagine how shiny and smooth it is!

Multi-Purpose Card Reader

This is a cuboid shape multi-purpose card reader that support SD/SDHC/DV/T-Flash/Micro SD/Mini SD/M2/MS/Sony Pro Duo Stick and cards, that’s just more than enough for any card reader. This card read looks awesome and is very useful and handy. Checkout more details about this Card Reader.

Mutlipupose card reader

Corn Shape LED USB Light

LED – Energy saving lamp, saving up to 87% compared to standard GLS lamp. Yellow Corn Shape 14-LED USB Light for PC that can be used as a Lamp. Directly plug the USB light into the USB port of your laptop or PC. No external power supply is needed, just simply turn on your laptop or PC to power your USB light. Free angle twistable neck to position the fly light anywhere you wish. 17 inch ultra-flexible arm for flexibility. Find out more details about this Corn shape LED light here.


Silicone Case for iphone5

A yellow duck style silicon case for iPhone5 that looks very pretty and is very soft to touch. You can look at the image below to see how sweet it is. Get more details about this Yellow duck Silicon case here.

iPhone5-5s Silicon Case

Metal Stand for iPad, iPhone & Other Tablets

A simple, handy and useful metal stand for your iPhone, iPad or any other device or tablet you have. I like the color that is coated on it, it’s shiny. The metal stand is flexible, light weight and strong. Get more details about this metal stand (for phones & tablets).

Metal Stand for iPhone

Data Line for Apple

Pisen PVC 150cm data line for Apple that works with iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5, iPad2, iPad Mini and more. No need to tell you the importance of a data cable (it’s very useful). It can be used on USB / Micro USB / Mini USB ports. Cable Length is 150cm (1500mm) with 0.06 kg weight. Check out more details of this Pisen PVC data Line for Apple.

Data Line for Apple

Stand with Adjustable Angle for Tablets

It’s a plastic made stand for your phones and tablets with adjustable angles. It helps a lot when you want to watch movies or video songs on your device. You can find more details about this adjustable angle stand at handgiftbox.com.

Tablet and Ipad adjustable stand

PU-Leather Case for iPad-2

PU-Leather case is made to protect you iPad2 and can be used as a stand for same. This case is available in black and white color at handgiftbox.com with more cases for other devices. You can find more details about this PU-Leather case (iPad) here.

PU Leather case for iPad2

Super Transparent Screen Film for iPad

This screen film for iPad 2/3 is really super transparent, and is scratch proof, reusable, bubble free, anti-glare and anti-UV with no added bulk. This super transparent screen film comes in a nicely packed cover with instruction printed on the back of its cover. Easy to use and useful for all iPad users. Get more details about this super transparent screen film (iPad)?

super transparent screen film for iPad

Men’s Analog Quartz Wrist Watch

Men’s Analog Quartz wrist watch that looks great and is very comfortable on wrist is available on handgiftbox.com or you could win it here. Not everyone uses watch because of the cellphones we have but watch lovers will surely like this. Get more details about this Men’s Analog Quartz Wrist Watch at handgiftbox.com.

men analog quartz watch

MP3 Music Player with SD Card-Reader

This is the product that I’m using all the day since I received these whole giveaway products from handgiftbox.com. The mp3 player is fantastic and is what I was in need. The portable mp3 music player supports micro SD card reader, no matter wherever you put songs on your card, this mp3 player is capable of locating all mp3 files on your micro SD card and will play them smoothly one by one.

The other benefit is that it helps you to save your phone battery (because you’ll always prefer this mp3 player to listen to music).  Get details of this portable mp3 player at handgiftbo.com.

Mini MP3 Player

How to WIN these Handgiftbox.com Products?

This Giveaway contest is handled using raffle copter widget. The rules are very simple you need to earn points as much as possible to increase your chances to win.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Rafflecopter link for website owners: http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/share-code/ODBhMmQ1MjU2MWEyNmY3M2FjODcxYjllOTE5MDNkOjA=/

TIP: Tweeting about this giveaway contest using raffle copter earns you more point and simply increases your chance to win your favorite product. You can make a tweet once every day.

Finally, all the best to all the participants of this giveaway. Promote this giveaway to collect more points and simply increase your chances to win. Also, promoting this may help your friends or followers to win something new just because of you. 🙂

Don’t forget to stay in touch for more giveaway contest and more prizes! follow, subscribe, share and like! Good Luck!

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  1. Shivam

    YES!!! another giveaway himanshu.. was waiting for this since a long time.. hope i have a chance to win….

    • Michael Wilson

      Men’s Analog Quartz Wrist Watch is my favorite. Stylish and functional, great combo.

  2. Alexandru Rusu

    I like Men’s Analog Quartz Wrist Watch

  3. Lorenzo

    I liked the most the quartz watch.

  4. Lorenzo

    I won another giveaway here, it’s also this one, thank you. 🙂

  5. German Lopez

    My favorite is the Digital Camera Style 8GB Flash Drive. Its great for people like myslef that are into DSLR’s

  6. German Lopez

    I think this giveaway is awesome. Especially for those people who might not have bought themselves any gifts this year. I haven’t personally shopped and handgiftbox.com but they do make some nifty little gifts.

  7. Sanket

    Another Awesome Giveaway Himanshu Good Keep it Up and I’am in 🙂

  8. Piyush Mathur

    I would love to have MP3 Music Player with SD Card-Reader! I would love to listen to music as i work, and travel!

  9. Steve Fort

    Great prices. Hope this time I will win some items from this given list.

  10. Sam Adeyinka

    Hey Negi, it’s so good to be here on your great blog. I’m already feeling at home.

    Speaking about your giveaway, what an awesome time to share this with your fans and friends, which I’ve now been opportune to be a part of.

    Well, I’d love to win an Ipad as it would help and enhance my productivity level.

    I’m sure I will win it if I persist!

    Thanks for sharing it.


  11. Mandip Das

    I would like to win The watch or the pen drive!

  12. sukhpreet

    i want a wrist watch

  13. Guri

    I liked Portable Mp3 player very much because i can use it anywhere and My Experience about this website is really amazing i am regular visitor of Himanshunegi.

  14. Amy Heffernan

    I Really like the metal stand! 🙂

  15. Amy Heffernan

    LOVE the site and LOVE the giveaway! TY!

  16. Darlene Carbajal

    I would love to win! I love all of these products. 🙂

  17. Darlene Carbajal

    I like the Data Line for Apple.

  18. Natalie

    I love the Desktop Stand with Adjustable Angle for iPad or Other Tablets!

  19. Natalie

    These are such unique prizes that I have never seen before!

  20. Robyn Bellefleur

    I like the MP3 Music Player with SD Card-Reader

  21. Janette Polivka

    camera flash drive, watch, mp3 player!

  22. Holly

    The watch!

  23. Jen M.

    The watch is so cool!

  24. Ashley Miller

    The Digital Camera Style 8GB Flash Drive is so cool and I think my daughter would love it!! =)

  25. Ashley Miller

    I think HandgiftBox.com is pretty awesome! I will be checking it out more often!! The giveaway is amazing and I really appreciate the chance to win!! =)

  26. Argi

    Men’s Analog Quartz Wrist Watch please 🙂

  27. Denise Anderson

    Desktop stand

  28. Lauren E.

    Love the Data Line for Apple, always need more of these

  29. Lauren E.

    Handgiftbox looks like a great one stop shop for electronics accessories. I love the site.

  30. Jorge A. Granda

    I would like to win the MP3 music player or the watch.

  31. Jorge A. Granda

    Nice prizes.

  32. Shan

    What I like most is the “Multi-Purpose Card Reader”
    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  33. Anastasiya

    Digital Camera Style 8GB Flash Drive!
    Thaks for giveaway!!

  34. Ren Longpig

    I liek the wireless mouse!

  35. kim burnett

    Yellow Duck Silicone Case for iphone5-5S

  36. Julie Baswell

    I like the adjustable stand.

  37. Enrica Arrigo

    My favorite is the Digital Camera Style 8GB Flash Drive

  38. Gwenni

    I think the Data Line for Apple would be super useful.

  39. heather r

    I like the smiley hub (cute, and useful) and the multipurpose card reader. I can see getting lots of use out of both!

  40. heather r

    and this giveaway offers a little something for everyone!

  41. Judy Thomas

    Love them all especially the USB hub 🙂

  42. Judy Thomas

    I did not know that the website existed, thank you 🙂 The prizes are awesome , thanks for a great giveaway !

  43. Anna

    My favorite item is the MP3 Music Player with SD Card-Reader 🙂

  44. Anna

    I think this giveaway is really cool. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win 🙂

  45. Melissa F

    I love the Men’s Analog Quartz Wrist Watch, I’d give it to my boyfriend :]

  46. Brianne K

    This giveaway is awesome! Thanks to the sponsor. I really like the multipurpose card reader and the watch.

  47. Sam Adeyinka

    Hello Negi, how’s u? Happy New month!

    I just wanted to show and express how happy I am to actually have emerged as the winner of this fantastic giveaway! It’s so appreciated, thanks to my friends for helping me win it. 😀 😀 😀

    Do have a fulfilled week ahead, bro! 🙂



      thank you Sam! Thanks for joining the Giveaway!

      • Sam Adeyinka

        Oh I would still need to say thanks and pls do remind whenever there is another cool giveaway….I love’em thanks to Piyush Marthur for showing me the way to go.

        I just tweeted at you on twitter, do respond and you can inbox me on FB @ Otunba Adeyinka Damilola.

        BTW, I’ve replied the mail and I’ll now reply again with my choice of Gadgets…..Bro Negi, you’re the best and do have a magical week ahead. 🙂


    • Piyush Mathur

      Hey Sam!

      We won the same giveaway huh!? How lucky indeed! This really makes me happy 🙂


  48. Piyush Mathur

    Hi Himanshu,

    Thanks for this giveaway, i just saw your e-mail, and sent you my choice to receive the prize.

    I hope you will be holding other such great giveaways for me to join!


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