How to Really Create a Website that Gets Popular and Earn You Thousands?

How to Create a Website or Blog?” is one of the most discussed stuff all over the Internet. The World Wide Web seems to fail describing “How to really create a Website or Blog?” as there are still many people and newbie who are waiting for appropriate answer. They ask this question to me or ask this question at other places all over the web. They literally don’t know how to create a blog or website or what a blog website can do for them, maybe because they never searched for it or they still need some luck to find articles like this. Now in this complete guide I’ll be showing you “How to Really Create a Website (or Blog) that gets Popular and Earn you thousands”.

Important! For the sake of all I am expecting that you know very little or nothing about creating websites or blogs and don’t even know what they are. Everything mentioned in this guide takes months and years to learn, I had tried my best to put all important stuff together but if you have any query, feedback or suggestion you can shoot me an email anytime.

Let’s Start Creating (Blog Website) 

The first question is what you’re going to create? A Blog or a Website? The smart choice is a BLOG. Today, everyone (including me) is using blogs to speak and share their knowledge. A blog today isn’t just all about personal things or personal issues, but it’s a platform, a media, an opportunity for an individual to speak, grow and do business online.

There is hardly any difference between a blog and a websites. A blog is actually a type of website that can be further classified according to dates, months, category, tags etc. and with just a few clicks it can be turned into a website or can be revert back into a blog anytime.

There are two essential things you need to create a blog (or website) i.e. a domain name and web hosting. Domain name (my domain name is allows visitors to visit your website and web hosting provides you space on web to store your whole website.

Though there are many ways to create websites and blogs for free but it’s Highly NOT Recommended as they do not allow you to earn and will put lots of restrictions on you. You’ll never know the potential of your blog and your work with them. You shouldn’t waste your time and efforts with these free services and should know the disadvantages of having free web hosting.

Getting Domain Name and Reliable Web Hosting

Domain name and web hosting can be purchased from anywhere but when we think about quality and reliability only a few name appears. When you purchase domain name and webhosting from same place you don’t have to do any configuration yourself.

To make our domain name pointing to our server (webhosting where our site resides) we make appropriate changes to nameservers and DNS records. So, get your web hosting from Bluehost (Officially recommended by WordPress for self hosted wordpress blog) to get an absolutely free domain name (promotional offer) and enjoy hassle free blogging. Alternatively, you can also choose Fatcow web hosting.

Got Everything! Set up your Blog now…

Once you have got everything (domain name and web hosting) you should install self hosted wordpress using Softaculous or fantastico.

After installing wordpress you can choose one of the most popular wordpress themes and then you should install some essential wordpress plugins.

In this step I want you to spend some time with wordpress in learning a few basic things about like creating post-pages, changing theme and searching-installing plugins etc. These are some basic task that only needs 2-3 clicks to be accomplished. Once learned move your steps further!

Generating Content that Gets Popular

You had well setup your blog and now it’s time to create content. You want to write something that gets popular and viral but the question arises what and how to write something that gets popular in less time? The simple answer is that you’re going to write on everything (related to your niche) that others are trying to find! It means on your new blog you are going to write only on topics that audience is looking for.

Your blog is brand new and there is NO traffic, you don’t have any follower or readers, in this situation it doesn’t matter how unique or creative you write because there is no audience, no one will ever know if you are publishing something or is there any blog exist like yours.

You have to first find out what people are trying to find, using Google Keyword Tool you can get the stats for size of audience, competition, and other information regarding the topics that you are interested to write. Learn how to know exact keyword competition using google keyword tool (Now replaced by Google Keyword Planner).

SEO for Success…

You had created great stuff, you know the potential of your blog website but you’re facing competition. You’ll always have some competition regardless of niche you belong but you can easily beat them on Google with SEO techniques.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are the techniques and strategies we follow or perform to make our content (website, webpage, images etc) rank higher in search engine (for desired keywords).

Did you ever realized, when there are so many articles written on same topic then why did any particular article always appear on the top of Google? Why did other failed to get on top of Google? What is special in that article that beats out the competition and it came up on the top of Google? Answer: SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

For example searching for keyword “Himanshu Negi” at Google yields on top of google SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Read about SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Earning Money with Your Blog

You have invested your valuable time and efforts in creating a blog. You want to make some money! Earning money from blog is not easy but if you’ll not earn, your will never grow. You’ll soon end up blogging due lack of resources or interest. There is always a motto behind everything and it doesn’t matter what is your source of inspiration but monetizing your blog will surely encourage you for better blogging, it will surely take your blog and blogging to next level and will also pay all its expenses as well as will make you a little richer 🙂

The first choice of most bloggers today to monetize their blog is Google Adsense. More than 2 Million bloggers are using Google Adsense on their blog to earn money. Google adsense do not allow everyone so you should know how to get approved for google adsense and don’t forget your research about it.

After getting a little more traffic to your blog you can directly deal with advertisers and you will get better opportunities. There are many ways to earn money via blogging. So stay in touch and I will be sharing more ways to earn money with your blogs.


You will create a popular site or you have to make you site popular. The money you have to invest is nothing (around $100) comparison to what you are going to get after 3 months. Your efforts and understanding to this guide and subject will decide what you’ll get after 3 months and what you’ll be after 12months.

Always choose reliable services, put efforts, create professional looking website, have patience (must thing) and keep building website, soon the result will come…

What are you waiting for? Print or Download this Guide as Pdf or Just Bookmark this page (Ctrl+ D). Also don’t forget to share this guide 🙂