CommentLuv Enabled on Blog: Why I’m taking the RISK of using CommentLuv?

CommentLuv is a plugin for wordpress that rewards your blog readers with a free backlink when they leave a comment on your blog. When leaving a comment if they enable the CommentLuv option, they get a free backlink to one of their recent blog post that they have written on their blog. It maybe a dofollow or nofollow link depending upon the setting that blog owner has made. CommentLuv is also available for blogspot.

CommentLuv increases blog traffic, Readers interaction and much more but it has side-effects too as it increases number of external links on your blog and most links are pointed to irrelevant pages, moreover you get lots of spam comments. Too many irrelevant links on which you have no control can make your blog look spammy to Google and if links are dofollow then you can see sudden drop in ranking on SERP (Search Engine Result Page) and overall PageRank dropping but even though I installed it and taking the risk using it, read on to know why.

CommentLuv WordPress Plugin

CommentLuv WordPress Plugin

I am always been suggested by others to use it but I am the one who is least impressed by CommentLuv and it’s functioning but when I practically and logically thought about it I decided to try it for following reason:

CommentLuv Screenshot

CommentLuv Screenshot

Do CommentLuv Helps Blog to grow? How Really?

Everyone believes that CommentLuv increases traffic but it actually increases comments on your blog that ultimately increases traffic and helps blog to grow. Let’s see how:

More Traffic: It attracts more CommentLuv fans and some spammers who want to get backlink by commenting therefore surely more traffic.

More Pageviews: Another reason, if a reader to your blog reads a page and then goes away, you get only 1 pageview but if he leaves a comment then page gets loaded once again and you get double pageviews. Thus more comment means more pageviews.

Reduce Bounce Rate: When a visitor view 2 pages instead of 1 then bounce rate improves as viewing 2 pages is not considered as bounce back visit therefore it decreases bounce rate.

Improve Alexa Ranking: More Pageviews means better Alexa ranking. Ranking that is trusted by most advertisers. Moreover who comment on CommentLuv blogs and increases pageviews mostly have Alexa toolbar installed, so their visit is surely counted by Alexa.

Get Advertisers: A blog with good Alexa ranking and readers interactions in form of commenting always attract advertisers because good alexa ranking shows greater traffic and comments shows your blog readers are active!

Get Loyal Readers: To leave a comment, mostly genuine commenters prefer to read blog post before commenting therefore if you have good content they can surely become regular readers.

Increase Average Visit Duration: As mentioned, to leave a comment, commenters prefer to read blog post therefore it increases their visiting time and overall average visitor time on your blog.

Get Backlinks and Authority: Many articles and websites online have published list of blogs that are commentLuv enabled, if you have commentLuv enabled blog you may get listed and can earn a backlink.

At last, as a conclusion I want to say that I know CommentLuv backlinks on most blogs are nofollow so I think very less or no link juice will pass and therefore CommentLuv is not much harmful. Other thing, if it harms blog we can easily remove it any time but I had decided to place it permanently or at least until it harms me hard!

Seems like I am too positive regarding CommentLuv but I would like to know your views. Are you using CommentLuv? What do you feel about it?

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  1. Sanket

    Nice post Himanshu and really commentluv helps a lot but we need to get ready for spammy comments too 🙂

  2. David Bennett

    I don’t think this plugin is the cause of an increase in such comments. My experience is that it is the popularity of a site – with or without this plugin – is what increases worthless comments.

  3. Des Adams

    I’m using comment love and so far seem pleased with the results. I use akismet to monitor any spam comments. But I think it is too soon for me to see the overall effect on my websites. It definitely increases traffic but link juice not sure?


      Hello Des,

      Glad to hear that commentLuv is working for you and Akismet is not enough to filter spam comments. Link juice will increase when you’ll comment on others blog having dofollow commentLuv enabled.

  4. Abraham van der Linde

    I am a long time user of the CommentLuv Plugin, even from before Andy came out with the Pro version.

    It has not harm my sites in any way, nor can I say it helped my sites regarding SEO.

    What I know is that it is the best commenting plugin I’ve ever used and will not use anything else in the near future.

    Regarding Spam comments, Yes I still get some, even from blogs that use CommentLuv themselves, but I ALWAYS moderate the comments on my blogs. That way I controll what comments are shown on my sites.

    Anyway, Good article.

    Keep well.


      Hello Abraham van der Linde,

      Glad to hear your experience and maybe it doesn’t help much with SEO but I was just trying to figure out all possible benefits 🙂

      Ans yes, spam comments is not a big issue when you have CAPTCHA or GASP or CommentLuv Premium.

      Thanks for leaving a response!

  5. Tom Jamieson

    Very good write up here. The pros seem to outweigh the cons when it comes to CL. I am using the premium version on my website, which has a lot of great features. Thanks for sharing your insight here and have a great weekend!

  6. Razib Roy


    Glad to hear that commentLuv is working for you and Akismet is not enough to filter spam comments. Link juice will increase when you’ll comment on others blog having dofollow commentLuv enabled.

  7. Louis Sanchez

    Commentluv is a great plugin. However it is only useful if people network and reciprocate commenting back on other members site. If the owners of the plugin do not do this it will turn into a another useless tool for the lazy crowd.


  8. Yogita

    No doubt, this plugin is good. But if one is using this plugin one should be a very active comment moderator.

  9. Erika Awakening

    Hi Himanshu,

    Thanks for this post. I have been trying to decide whether I will install CommentLuv on my site and you make many points that I had not thought about in favor of it. As long as we weed out the spammy ads for various male-enh*ncement lol, we can probably also have a lot more fun with our blogging with more people interacting with us and joining the conversation. Maybe I try it and see how it goes.



    you are right Himanshu bro it helps to get more terrific but spam comment also thank for this clean and clear post about commentluv everyone can easily understand that he have to install commentluv or not from this post thxxx

  11. Robb Gorringe

    Hi Himanshu,

    I’m not sure where you get your stats on follow vs nofollow, but I use Commentluv, and allow all comment links as ‘do follow’. I definitely want to return the luv to my fellow bloggers who comment as much as possible.


  12. adryen nashley

    Remark luv is really a innovative idea with regard to moving away the actual spammers within the On the web Writing a blog Local community. I don’t really utilize the plugin with regard to my own Web site, However perform work with it with regard to commenting with other folks weblogs, Also it helps. In particular with the commentluv high quality members – They are able to targeted keywords of their comments and also comments produced on the threads.

  13. Jana

    If you feel commentluv creating too many dofollow links , add a nofollow plugin to your site . For spam comments add “Cpatcha” Plugin , Which works 100 % for me to control spam

  14. Meg

    I just added it to my site, and I’m getting more spam but also discovering more good blogs. I don’t really care too much about search ranking (I know, I know, that’s like blog sacrilege) but I do care about meeting related bloggers, finding new blogs to read, having good conversations with readers. Too bad about the spam, though.

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