CamScanner – Scan Documents to Create PDF using Phone’s Camera

CamScanner is a wonderful mobile application available for our smartphones. We can scan our documents, photos and many other things with it. We just need to use our phone’s camera to convert our documents and books into a PDF files or an Ebook.

This app supports Android, iOS as well as Windows phone. This means CamScanner for Windows, iPad, iPhone and Android is available. This app is very useful and easy to use, available in both free and paid version.

Download CamScanner: (Official Website Link)

CamScanner is an intelligent application and turns your device into a virtual scanner. Open your phone’s camera, take photos, open these photos in the application and convert them into a PDF Ebook.

CamScanner is a good choice for students, individuals and small businesses. 60 million users worldwide uses it . You can scan documents, photos, books and add many more things like Business cards, Notes, ID Cards, power point presentations etc.

List of the things you all can do with this CamScanner App:

  • Scan your Business cards, IDs.
  • Scan your Notes.
  • Add Power Point Presentations (PPT).
  • Convert your scanned data into PDF and into PPT formats.
  • And at last you can also scan white board.

Important features of CamScanner App:

  • Auto cropping.
  • Auto Color tone adjustment.
  • Auto focus facility
  • Auto text detection.
  • Auto enhances technology.
  • Auto cropping technology.

How to use CamScanner to Create PDF Ebooks?


Now, I will show the complete process of converting scanned document into PDF file using CamScanner in few steps (using images).

  • Open the application, CamScanner.

Camscanner - capturing image by camera

  • Select the “Note” option form the left side, and then click on “capture”.

taking snap

  • After selecting capture aim your camera and click on save.

croping and saving image

  • Now you can crop your image. Select the image, you can slide the margin dots to crop or rotate image left or right. You can also use full screen mode for cropping, it automatically crops the photo as soon as you select the margins/borders.


  • Now it takes you to color enhancing mode, here you can select magic color which is auto color enhancement technology used in this app. You can also enhance the color manually to finally save it.

pdf file

  • After saving the scanned object it will be shown here and now if you wish to make a PDF version of the scanned file just click on “PDF” button. You can also share the file directly from the app.

CamScanner – Paid or Free Version?

As already mentioned, CamScanner is available in both FREE and in Paid version. You can buy it directly from the settings menu and selecting “GO PREMIUM” button (if you have free version installed). Premium version of this app will cost you USD 4.99 per Month or USD 49.99 per year.

CamScanner Premium Version

  • More cloud space than that in FREE version.
  • No water mark in PDF files made.
  • You can extract text from image (OCR).
  • No ads will be displayed.
  • You will get HD scan option.

Final Conclusion: If you are looking for any scanning application that will convert your different files into a single PDF  then choose CamScanner.

If you are a business person and using it for business purpose then I would recommend you to buy the premium version. Students or individuals can enjoy the Free version lifelong.

If you are looking for CamScanner user manual or CamScanner tutorial then this is the best article to read.