10 Best Android Games Of 2013 (Free and Paid)

When you have hundreds of games at your discretion, it is extremely difficult to pick and choose the best. Some games are outright undesirable and it is easy to spot them and exclude them from your list of favorites but given the vast inventory of Android games, it is not quite possible for anyone to have played all the games.

There are many games which are free and there are plenty that charge a nominal fee for download. It is not pragmatic to compare free games with paid games. Likewise, it would also be wrong to pull in3D games in the same bracket. Since most Android users know what kind of a 3D effect one gets on smart phones, here is a list of the 10 best Android games of 2013, excluding 3D games. To be fair to both free and paid games, the list is split into two sections with five catering to each of the two categories.

Best Free Android Games Of 2013

Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is perhaps the best in the trilogy. The quality of graphics, the responsiveness of the game and its controls, the sound and the unending challenges are a treat for anyone who has some need for speed. The game is free to play however there are some features that can be unlocked by paying a nominal fee. You can still enjoy the game to its fullest without paying a cent.

Bejeweled Blitz

Bejeweled Blitz successfully takes the franchise forward. The different levels have become more challenging with 60 second timers, power-ups and integrated score comparison with your friends.

Temple Run 2

There is a popular saying in Hollywood that a sequel shouldn’t meddle with what made the prequel a success. Temple Run 2 sticks to this belief. It doesn’t change the premise of the first version and stays loyal to all the factors that made Temple Run (now Temple Run 1) such a runaway success. And, did you know you can now play Usain Bolt in the game as a bolting sprinter?

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD

The free version of the Galaxy on Fire 2 HD provides 10 hours of breathtaking fun. If you wish to continue playing then you can buy some in-app upgrades. 10 hours of shooting your way to glory while on an epic adventure in the galactic space is certainly a good enough reason for the game to be popular.

The Sandbox

Perhaps one of the most hyped and highly awaited games in recent times, the Sandbox manages to deliver what it promised in all its promotions. There are 71 different levels that you have to explore while tackling chemical reactions and building pyramids.

Best Paid Android Games Of 2013


Rymdkapsel is a marvelous game, one of the most addictive Android games of 2013. The game is unique in more ways than one and is going to entice all and sundry, young or old.

The Room

The Room is arguably one of the most intelligent Android games of 2013. If you like solving puzzles but would also like to indulge in some visual wonders then the Room is going to amaze you at every step.

Crazy Taxi

Crazy Taxi is a fun game for all those who have always wanted to speed their way through the cities without caring much for the rules and the tickets. While you cannot really do that in real life, this Android game lets you do it and in style.


Spelltower is for all those aspiring wordsmiths or those who intend to work on their vocab. It is the most educative of all Android games of 2013.

Sine Mora

Sine Mora doesn’t feel like an ordinary Android game. It has phenomenal graphics and the entire experience is indelibly impressive. You have to play this game to know that Android games can get close to their bigger and more expensive cousins.

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