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Alexa is a leading provider of free, global web metrics. People search Alexa to discover the most successful sites on the web by keyword, category, or country. Alexa analytics is used for competitive analysis, benchmarking, market research, or business development. Rankings and stats provided by Alexa is universally accepted and treated as the best well known source of information when it comes to determining a website’s worth. These stats are almost reliable.

Many bloggers and webmasters spends fair amount of time focusing on ways to improve their Alexa rankings and stats. Advertisers also look at Alexa stats before they actually deal with any website.

Anyways, that was all about Alexa but here we are looking for a good Alexa alternative.

Few weeks earlier made some updates and had stopped displaying detailed stats publicly. Now wants website owners to pay if they want to get detailed and exact stats and for others they must login/signup. In this article I’ll be mentioning some websites that uses Alexa API (according to me) or some reliable methods to deliver stats like Alexa.

Alexa Details:

Look at the image below, all the data is derived from Alexa and detailed stats of my website can still be seen including 3 months global Alexa ranking (standard ranking), 1 month, 7 days and 1 day Alexa ranking. Moreover, my contact info and website description is also available.

To make sure that these stats are true we can check anytime.

Alexa stats:

Alexa Alternative

The Best Alexa Alternative

Now you already know about website. In these last few years I have used many tools and websites which can considered Alexa alternative. Some of them are similar to Alexa and provides more in-depth stats.

When I look for Alexa alternative I consider following websites: can be considered a nice Alexa alternative as it shows all basic info about your websites including Alexa traffic, Safety Analysis, Categories Analysis, Socials Analysis, Domain Analysis, whois info, DNS records, HTTP header, HTML & HTML tags Analysis, Meta tags, Title, Keyword Analysis and a lot more! shows unique visitors, rank, traffic source and facilitates website comparison. But all this holds true only for major websites. New websites or websites having low traffic from US will not be able to see anything useful as data and rankings are limited to US only. is similar to and focuses on US traffic only. Of course, you can find some useful stats but again for small sites this doesn’t works. provides some nice stats and can be used to know about the traffic and other important details. I checked my website and find most of the details are useful but some stats are just completely incorrect. It can be used as Alexa alternative but make sure you double check the information provided by them.

TIP: If you are trying to find stats and rankings of other’s websites then you can simply visit their “advertise here” page or can take a look at for complete stats.

Finally, to know the worth of any website, factors like Google PageRank, Alexa ranking, Domain/ Page Authority, MozTrust, WOT stats are taken into consideration. Try Open-Site-Explorer to know you DA (domain authority) and PA (page authority).

Some others factors like social presence, visitor’s interaction, total traffic, conversion/bounce rate and overall looks matters a lot.

There are many Alexa alternatives present and now I would like to know your choice for the best Alexa alternative. Do you have some recommendations?

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  1. Sanket

    All are awesome and they are really best alternatives Thanks Himanshu 🙂

  2. shafique

    These are all Good alternatives but Alexa ranking is preferred by many Ad-networks.

    Thanks for sharing

  3. Sandy

    #1. Alexa has an option for many codes that can be inserted into the websites by webmasters. Similar codes should be made available by others also. Are there any such websites who give away codes to be inserted?
    #2. Alexa data may be misleading in that it also takes into consideration the presence of the url elsewhere on the web, for example Twitter (this is a guess only please). Is this correct?
    #3. Apart from the webhost itself, is there any tracking service that can generate the list of webpages of a site visited, when and from where, and then do some ranking? The code has been inserted in and when a little promotion took place, the site had an Alexa ranking, but the revolvermaps code on the same site (in fact on the same page) yielded or conveyed a very different message. Probably the revolvermaps code doesn’t register all visits, but the revolvermaps people say that it in fact registers the visit the moment the page starts loading even if the code has been placed towards the bottom!? Well, any expert out there who can provide valuable info. on this?
    Thanks a lot.


      Alexa counts pageviews and visits on any website with the help of their toolbar that is being used by 50+ million users worldwide. Toolbar helps Alexa to track each and every visits.

      Many user don’t have Alexa toolbar installed and their visit is not counted by Alexa. But Webmaster can put Alexa widget (which actually have tracking code) on their website and now Alexa can count visits of these Non-Alexa-toolbar users.

      If you want detailed stats report of you visitors and other stuff then set up Google Analytics.

  4. Dosenovic

    Thanks for this. Alexa is quite old and old-fashioned in my eyes. I am very glad about evey new alternative to Alexa.

    Best regards, have a great day.

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